Monday, September 6, 2010

Stress Less Badge

1. Create a Personal Stress Kit:

2. Stress Less Writing (Mon. 9/6/10):

I have a diary that I wrote in for two straight days for this badge and I have written in it for a long time. It helps me get unstressed because I can write what I am stressing about and nobody tells me to stop talking about it.

3. What Are You Feeling?

4. Do For Others (Sat. 10/16/10):

I like going to my aunt's house because she is very nice to me and she has a dog Roger who is very funny and likes to snuggle! I like to help by walking Roger and help her clean out the house. I also helpd my great grandmother clean out her house.

5. Move That Stress Away:

6. Listen to Music (Sat. 9/18/10):

My favorite songs are Hey You by Jonas Brothers, A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez, Baby by Justin Bieber, SOS by Jonas Brothers, and Burnin Up by Jonas Brothers. I also like Sleep by Sylvia. That is a really good song to relax to. Sometimes it can help you to fall asleep. Mom and Dad both like that song and think it is relaxing. It is great for stress relief.

7. Pass It On:

8. Read and Relax (Sat. 9/18/10):

The most relaxing books that I've read are Hello Kitty's Guide to Being Nice, the Harry Potter series, The Secret Garden, Little Women, and Mary Todd Lincoln - Girl of the Bluegrass. They distract me from my stress and are filled with a lot of nice stories that you should read even if you're not stressed.

9. One at a Time (Sun. 10/17/10):

Recently I felt stressed because I had to do a lot of things in one week. My mom and I figured out that I had choir music practice, craft store, French horn practice, a concert, and my aunt's house all in the same day. I decided to do choir practice, French horn practice, my aunt's house, and the concert all on Sunday and the craft store on Monday. It seems like a lot on Sunday but actually it was really easy after I figured out what I could do now and do later.

10. Practice Elevator Breathing (Mon. 10/18/10):

I practiced elevator breathing, which is a good way of relieving stress on the go. All you need is to know how to do elevator breathing and your own breath!