Thursday, December 29, 2011

Becoming a Teen Badge

1. Get the Facts (Thursday 12/29/11):
Program with local health professional!

2. Successful Teens (Thursday 12/29/11):
Program with local health professional!

3. Read About It (Thursday 12/29/11):
Program with local health professional!

4. Looking Ahead (Thursday 12/29/11):
Program with local health professional!

5. Here's Looking at You!

6. Freedom and Responsibility

7. Today's Tween (Thursday 12/29/11):
Program with local health professional!

8. Teen in the Family (Thursday 12/29/11):
Program with local health professional!

9. Celebrate!

10. Teen Habits

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's Important to Me Badge

1. The Girl Scout Law in Action (Tuesday 12/27/11):

I made a wall hanging highlighting the part of the Girl Scout Law that means the most to me:

"Making the World a Better Place."

2. Values-Based Approach

3. Discover Your Values (Tuesday 12/27/11):

We read the section in the Junior Girl Scout handbook about values and did all of the activities in that section.

4. Values Vote (Wednesday 12/28/11):

Some of the values we brainstormed were:

positive attitude
well behaved

We discussed the values and why we thought they were important. The value that got the most votes from the group was honesty.

5. Values in the News

6. Debate It

7. Other People's Values (Thursday 12/29/11):

The holiday I learned about was Ramadan. The people who celebrate this holiday fast to remember the people who are needy or do not have enough food. Another custom is donating to the local soup kitchen or food bank.

8. Secret Sister (Thursday 12/29/11):

I made a duct tape bag for a sister Girl Scout!

9. Women of Courage (Wednesday 12/28/11):

We named some courageous women and discussed why they were or are courageous:

Eleanor Roosevelt
Harriet Tubman
Indira Gandhi
Jane Goodall
Afghan School Girls
Florence Nightengale
and Mom!

10. Valuing Service

Monday, December 26, 2011

Scrapbooking Fun Patch

Today I worked on my scrapbooking project and earned a Scrapbooking Fun Patch!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Baking Fun Patch

Today I earned a Baking Fun Patch by baking Christmas cookies!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice Celebration

Today we had a Winter Solstice celebration! Although it is cold and dark outside, the days will gradually get longer and spring will be here in a few months!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Art in 3-D Badge

1. In the Fold (Tues. 8/9/11):

The Paper Crane - Even though it was hard, I did it!

2. Mold It (Tues. 8/9/11):

3. Past Masters

4. Negatives are Positives

5. Carve It (Saturday 11/19/11):

I worked on carving a unicorn on a piece of basswood - it was hard but fun.

6. All Around the Town

7. Art That's Me (Wed. 8/10/11):

8. Art as Therapy

9. It's Mobile (Wed. 11/2/11):

I made a mobile of pictures that people would enjoy such as a rainbow, a bird, a smilie face, and other fun pictures!

10. Wire It (Wed. 12/14/11):

I made a flower out of three different colors of wire. I liked working with the wire - it was fun.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Money Sense Badge

1. Troop Budget

2. Best Investments (Saturday 12/10/11):

We learned about Savings accounts, Certificates of Deposit, and Stocks today at the TD Bank presentation.

3. Invest Together (Friday 12/9/11-3/9/11):

We are playing the Virtual Stock Market game through the TD Bank Wow Zone!

4. Cash or Credit (Friday 12/16/11):

We talked about how credit cards work and current interest rates. We also talked about how college students are offered credit cards but should not take them because they have no income to pay the money back. We figured out that it would take many years to pay off the bicycle, so it is better to save and pay in cash.

5. Ups and Downs of the Market

6. Careers in Finance (Saturday 12/10/11):

We learned about different careers in finance and the training you need at the TD Bank presentation.

7. Shop Smart

8. Reality Check (Friday 12/16/11):

We worked on filling out the budget worksheet of living expenses and figured out that I would need a job that paid me lot of money to pay these bills.

9. Money Doesn't Always Matter (Friday 12/16/11):

We talked about good things that money can't buy such as taking walks in our neighborhood, free concerts in the park, and speiding time with our family. We then took a walk in our neighborhood and spent time with family.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gingerbread Wonderland

Today we toured the Gingerbread Wonderland exhibit. It was awesome! There were many projects by Girl Scout troops celebrating the 100th anniversary and there were a couple of Junior vests also! There were so many creative ideas. I voted for the Angry Birds display!