Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hiker Badge

1. Safety First (Sun. 11/20/11; Fri. 11/25/11; Sat. 4/28/12)):

We discussed safety issues such as what to do in an emergency and how to get help, first aid kit, setting a comfortable pace, out lost plan, hazards on the trail such as rocky terrain and poison ivy, what to do in case of sudden change of weather, and making sure we stay hydrated by drinking enough water (and Gatorade!).

2. Comfort and the Right Stuff (Sat. 3/17/12):

Today we took a trip to Campmor to look at hiking and backpacking clothing, backpacks, boots, socks, bug repellant, sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. We also looked at tents and cooking tools like dutch ovens and propane stoves!

3. Know Your First Aid

4. Give Back to the Sport

5. A Different Kind of Walk (Fri. 11/25/11):

I followed an orienteering course using my compass and a map created by a boy for his Eagle scout project.

6. March Forward (Sun. 11/20/11):

Today we did a 10K Volksmarch on a route at the beach. This was my first 10K, and we finished in 1 hr. 50 min.! The walk was sponsored by the Princeton Area Walkers.

7. Be an Explorer

8. Hiking is Worldwide (Friday, 3/16/12):

Today we started looking at the map of the Appalachian Trail to think about what section we would like to hike for The Great Girl Scout Hike in honor of the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary.

9. Share the Fun

10. Happy Trails to You (Sat. 4/28/12):

We did a Day Hike at Pyramid and Turkey Mountains on April 28. We hiked 4 miles on Pyramid Mountain and 5.99 miles on Turkey Mountain!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sky Search Badge

1. Mapping the Skies

2. Constellations (Fri. 4/6/12): at Williams College program!

3. Direction, Please (Fri. 4/6/12): at Williams College program!

4. Planets (Fri. 4/6/12): at Williams College program!

5. Connect the Dots (Fri. 4/6/12): at Williams College program!

6. Tools of the Trade (Fri. 4/6/12): at Williams College program!

7. Time for the Moon (Fri. 4/6/12): at Williams College program!