Friday, August 17, 2012

Cadette Community Service Bar

The Cadette Community Service Bar is awarded after volunteering for 20 or more hours of service to an organization with approval from your local Girl Scout Council.

I worked with our church's Vacation Bible School as an assistant in the Science room. We had five groups of children ranging from Pre-school through Fifth grade that met with us for fun science experiments.

The Vacation Bible School is a cause I care about which helped me practice the values of the Girl Scout Law.  I liked making a difference in my community by volunteering as a teaching assistant.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Artist Badge

1. Explore the art of bookbinding:
Survey a book collection. (completed at Jockey Hollow Camp)

2. Get familiar with the insides of a book:
Take apart an old book. (completed at Jockey Hollow Camp)

3. Try out book artist techniques:
Fold and glue method. (completed at Jockey Hollow Camp)

4. Focus on function:
Make a scrapbook. (completed at Jockey Hollow Camp)

5. Focus on style:
Altered book. (completed at Jockey Hollow Camp)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Comic Artist Badge

1. Delve into the world of comics:
Collect comic strips. (completed at Jockey Hollow Camp)

2. Choose a story to tell:
Think of a story from your life. (completed at Jockey Hollow Camp)

3. Draw it out:
Do a "free draw." (completed at Jockey Hollow Camp)

4. Frame it in panels:
Use both facial expressions and body language. (completed at Jockey Hollow Camp)

5. Add the words:
Add some dialogue. (completed at Jockey Hollow Camp)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

aMAZE Journey: Navigating Friendships

The second session for the aMAZE journey is about "Navigating Friendships."

We read the girl book and did activities about making and keeping friends, the qualities of a good friend,  stereotypes and friends, circles that describe ourselves and friend qualities, a quiz on navigating friendships, friendship scenarios, and what really matters in friends. We are collecting friendship thoughts and tips for our Peacemaker Kits that we can use in our lives and pass on to others.