Friday, December 21, 2012

Woodworker Badge

1. Swing a hammer.
Make a design with nails on wood:
I made a smile face of nails on wood!

2. Keep it level.
Do a survey:
I checked five different spots around the house and garage to see if they were level and plumb. I discovered that the shed wasn't level!

3. Use a screwdriver.
Fix loose screws.
I tightened a lot of pot handles that were loose!

4. Saw some wood.
Square it off:
I used the miter box and handsaw - the handsaw was harder to keep straight!

5. Build something yourself.
Build with your expert:
I built a birdhouse with the help of my woodworking expert - Dad!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

aMAZE Journey: Let Peace Begin With You

Our seventh aMAZE journey meeting was about "Surfing Through Cyber-Relationships" and the section called "Let Peace Begin With You." We covered pages 96-119 in the girl book, read and did activities about netiquette, cyber-bullying, safety in cyberspace, choosing communication tools, live vs. virtual, and the internet safety pledge. We also read and talked about how relationship skills impact the world, leadership, and moving toward peace. Today we started thinking about the take action project and brainstorming possible project ideas, which we will continue in the next journey meeting.