Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Art in the Home Badge

**All requirements for this badge were satisfied at the GSNNJ program at the Community Children's Museum.**

1. Art in Style (Wed. 10/13/10):

We looked at pictures of different rooms with different furniture, wall coverings, decorations, color schemes, and lighting, and we:

Decided which furniture style we liked and why; looked at patterns in the room and furnishings and decided if they go together or clash; looked at how different colors are used and how they make us feel.

2. Measure Up (Wed. 10/13/10):

We measured a room in a house and drew to scale 1" = 1'. We marked doors and windows, and filled our room with construction paper shapes to represent rugs, furniture, lights, etc.

3. Create a Dream Room (Wed. 10/13/10):

We created our dream room in a shoe box by selecting and arranging pictures of furniture and accessories.

4. A Dried Gourd Decoration

5. Say It With Flowers (Wed. 10/13/10):

We looked at different examples of flower arrangements and them made our own model of the arrangement that we liked the best.

6. Home Arts: Home Business

7. Budget for the Future (Wed. 10/13/10):

We made two different plans for our dream room that included a plan for an unlimited budget and one with a limited budget.

8. Design Your Own Room

9. Holiday Decor (Wed. 10/13/10):

We learned how to make paper flowers for a dried flower arrangement.

10. Accent on Beauty

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