Monday, October 18, 2010

Celebrating People Badge

1. Celebrate the Day

2. Conduct Yourself!

3. Who Are They? (Sun. 11/21/10):

Here is the report! Written in green ink!

4. One Big Family (Wed. 11/9/10):

My "Human Family" collage:

5. Free and Equal (Sun. 11/21/10):

Declaration of Young People's Rights:

No Bullying
Everyone can participate in activities no matter what their age, height, gender, color, or religion
The right to have the four basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, and safety
Freedom of Expression
No Abuse
and Happiness

6. Peace on Earth (Sun. 11/21/10):

Three people who are peacemakers are Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King. I like them all but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Gandhi.

Did you know that Gandhi fasted for 21 days at the age of 63? He did this because he was protesting the unjust treatment of Untouchables, a class of Indians thought to be spiritually unclean. Another famous protest he did was the Salt March, were he lead his followers to the coast to make their own salt because the British were putting taxes on salt.

7. Solve It Together

8. Include Everyone (Sat. 10/30/10):

I saw a program called "Best Friends" that talked about work dogs and how they help disabled people. These dogs do things that their buddy can't do such as picking up things and opening doors. They also had a demonstration of a dog paying for coffee by credit card!

9. Reach Out

10. It's a Pleasure (Sun. 11/21/10):

In our culture, it is customary to say "Hello" and shake hands.

In Spanish cultures, there are formal and informal ways to greet people. For example, "Como Estas" is the informal greeting to someone you know on a first-name basis or when addressing a child. "Como Esta" is the formal greeting.

In Japan, you say "Konnichiwa" and show respect for others by saying the suffix -san to their name for adults, and for children -chan for girls and -kun for boys. It is also respectful to bow.

In France, they say "Bonjour" which means hello, good morning, or good afternoon. To greet someone informally, say "Salut" which means hi. When entering a public place, say "Bonjour" that will be heard by everyone within hearing distance. If you know the person or are being introduced for the first time, you are expected to shake hands or kiss cheeks, and greeting each person individually at school or work!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Humans and Habitats Badge

**All requirements for this badge were satisfied at the GSNNJ program at Community Children's Museum.**

1. Have Home, Will Travel (Thurs. 10/21/10)

2. It's Symbolic (Thurs. 10/21/10)

3. Farmers Around the World (Thurs. 10/21/10)

4. Your Life Would Be Different If... (Thurs. 10/21/10)

5. Peace of Cake

6. Make a Food Map (Thurs. 10/21/10)

7. Break Bread

8. The World Close to Home

9. Take a Look Around You (Thurs. 10/21/10)

10. What's Best? (Thurs. 10/21/10)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Art in the Home Badge

**All requirements for this badge were satisfied at the GSNNJ program at the Community Children's Museum.**

1. Art in Style (Wed. 10/13/10):

We looked at pictures of different rooms with different furniture, wall coverings, decorations, color schemes, and lighting, and we:

Decided which furniture style we liked and why; looked at patterns in the room and furnishings and decided if they go together or clash; looked at how different colors are used and how they make us feel.

2. Measure Up (Wed. 10/13/10):

We measured a room in a house and drew to scale 1" = 1'. We marked doors and windows, and filled our room with construction paper shapes to represent rugs, furniture, lights, etc.

3. Create a Dream Room (Wed. 10/13/10):

We created our dream room in a shoe box by selecting and arranging pictures of furniture and accessories.

4. A Dried Gourd Decoration

5. Say It With Flowers (Wed. 10/13/10):

We looked at different examples of flower arrangements and them made our own model of the arrangement that we liked the best.

6. Home Arts: Home Business

7. Budget for the Future (Wed. 10/13/10):

We made two different plans for our dream room that included a plan for an unlimited budget and one with a limited budget.

8. Design Your Own Room

9. Holiday Decor (Wed. 10/13/10):

We learned how to make paper flowers for a dried flower arrangement.

10. Accent on Beauty