Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sign of the Rainbow

1. Complete one of the following badges to learn more about the people in the world (Wed. 10/13/10):

2. Participate in a council event where you get to meet new girls. Be sure to try to make some new friends (Sat. 2/19/11):

3. Do an activity from the " Family and Friends" chapter of this book (Tues. 2/22/11):

Family Fun Jar - I decorated the container with photos of our family doing fun activities and then made the pieces of paper with different activity ideas on them and put them inside. This was a fun project!

4. Do an activity in which you help others get something done. By helping out where you are needed, you show respect for others.

Shopping for my great-grandmother (Tues. 2/22/11):

I spent 4 hours today shopping for my great-grandmother. She has a hard time walking and gets tired easily, so we went looking for what she needed.

Do an activity in which you help others learn a new skill (Sat. 2/26/11):

I visited my great-grandmother and taught her to finger knit. She did pretty well! My cousin learned also, and she taught me another braiding project that could be used for making bracelets.

5. Do two activities from one of the following badges (Mon. 10/18/10):

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