Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weather Watch Badge

1. Weather Maps (Wed. 3/23/11): There is a low pressure and precipitation in our area. The blue pointy lines are cold fronts, and the red half circles are warm fronts. The triangles in the cold front point in the direction that the cold air is moving. The cold front and the warm front are together, creating precipitation today in the form of rain, snow, hail, sleet, and freezing rain.

2. Visit a Weather Station (Fri. 4/8/11): We did a virtual tour of the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Mt. Holly. It was cool to see the building and the equipment in it. They give a lot of information from such a small building.

3. Become a Cloud Watcher

4. Build a Weather Instrument

5. Weather Smarts (Fri. 4/8/11): I made a lightning storm emergency plan for my family that included emergency numbers, what to do in an emergency, and a list of important items.

6. Weather Trends (Fri. 4/8/11): El Nino is a warm current that appears around Christmastime. It usually disappears in March, but sometimes it can last for up to 18months! It usually occurs near the equator and can cause weak winds and heat waves of up to 100 degrees. Some people think that El Nino is caused by the Greenhouse Effect. If that's true, then we can help by walking or biking to destinations.

7. Weather Games

8. Help Others Be Weather-Prepared

9. Paper Spirals and Frontal Systems (Wed. 3/23/11): We made a paper spiral which moved a little bit when placed near a lamp!

10. Make Your Own Weather (Wed. 3/23/11): We made a cloud. It was not successful at first, but then we did it! We had hot water in a clear container, and plastic wrap and ice on top. An adult lit a match and put it into the container. We had to look really hard to see the cloud, but it was there!

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