Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ceramics and Clay Badge

1. Make it with Clay (Sat. 3/26/11): I made a pinch pot and a figurine of "Paddle-to-the-Sea"!

2. Coil Up! (Sat. 3/26/11): I made a bowl using the coil method.

3. Handle with Care:

4. Time for Tiles (Sun. 4/17/11):

I made several different sized tiles with different designs that are stamped and carved.

5. Fuel and Fire (Sat. 4/9/11):

I took a virtual tour of ceramics studios at the NY/NJ Academy of Ceramic Art. The website was really cool. I took a lot of time going through the links and learning about different equipment used for ceramics, including the kiln, hand tools, and materials like glaze. I liked the section that showed student artwork, including a cool red teapot.

6. Grin and Glaze It!

7. Bas-Relief

8. Dream Decorator (Sun. 4/17/11): We went to Kohl's and saw examples of ceramics and pottery. I liked the seashell pattern because I thought it would go well in the guest room in my house. For the kitchen, I liked a plain white pattern. I also liked the flower pattern because I thought it would go well in my room. The flower pattern was also nice because it was hand painted.

9. Pass on the Knowledge

10. Folk Pottery

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