Sunday, October 16, 2011

Outdoor Cook Badge

1. Bon Appetit! (Sat. 10/29/11):

I helped plan, prepare, and serve an outdoor meal, including shopping for ingredients, packing, and cleaninig up.

2. Bean There, Done That

3. Cook It (Sat. 10/29 and Sun. 10/30/11):

I cooked breakfast eggs on the butane stove and learned how to control the height of the flame. The eggs cooked quickly! The butane stove is lightweight and portable.

I also cooked with propane - it is quite different because the flames are farther away.

4. Don't Let the Fire Go Out (Fri. 10/29/11):

I helped start and maintain the campfire! We boiled water for tea in a camp tea kettle, made popcorn in a pot, and of course made s'mores! It was exciting to see the water boil and the popcorn burst the lid off of the pot!

5. Cooking on a Camp Stove (Sat. 10/29/11):

Today I cooked on the camp stove. It was challenging because it was raining but we had it set up under the shelter so it worked okay. The camp stove is convenient but smelly.

6. Keep it Clean (Fri. 10/29/11):

After we were through with the campfire, I learned how to put out the fire and remove the ashes. Good thing we brought the shovel!

7. No Cooking Tonight (Sun. 10/30/11):

Today we had an emergency - power outtage - and planned a meal that didn't require cooking or refrigeration! We had peanut butter sandwiches, granola bars, dried fruit and nuts, and water.

8. Mix It Up

9. All Dried Up

10. Test the Waters

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