Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ceramics and Clay Badge

1. Make it with Clay (Sat. 3/26/11): I made a pinch pot and a figurine of "Paddle-to-the-Sea"!

2. Coil Up! (Sat. 3/26/11): I made a bowl using the coil method.

3. Handle with Care:

4. Time for Tiles (Sun. 4/17/11):

I made several different sized tiles with different designs that are stamped and carved.

5. Fuel and Fire (Sat. 4/9/11):

I took a virtual tour of ceramics studios at the NY/NJ Academy of Ceramic Art. The website was really cool. I took a lot of time going through the links and learning about different equipment used for ceramics, including the kiln, hand tools, and materials like glaze. I liked the section that showed student artwork, including a cool red teapot.

6. Grin and Glaze It!

7. Bas-Relief

8. Dream Decorator (Sun. 4/17/11): We went to Kohl's and saw examples of ceramics and pottery. I liked the seashell pattern because I thought it would go well in the guest room in my house. For the kitchen, I liked a plain white pattern. I also liked the flower pattern because I thought it would go well in my room. The flower pattern was also nice because it was hand painted.

9. Pass on the Knowledge

10. Folk Pottery

Monday, April 4, 2011

First Aid Badge

1. Learn First Aid

2. Ouch! (Monday 4/4/11): We learned and practiced first aid for cuts, sprains, and fractures from a medical professional.

3. Oooh (Monday 4/4/11): We learned and practiced first aid for nosebleeds and if a friend became faint.

4. Get Help (Monday 4/4/11): We learned how to get help in our community and did a role play on how to communicate with emergency personnel.

5. Until Help Arrives (Monday 4/4/11): We learned and practiced first aid for a person who has stopped breathing, breathing heavily, in shock, and choking.

6. Share the Messages (Monday 4/4/11): We created a four-page first aid and safety coloring and activity book that we donated to a younger girl troop in our service unit.

7. Helping Hands

8. Staying Safe (Monday 4/4/11): We made a list of items found in a first aid kit and some different items found in a camping first aid kit.

9. Survivor

10. First Aid Challenge