Sunday, October 23, 2011

Low Ropes Course

Today we had the Low Ropes Course program. I did some activities on this course when I went to Girl Scout camp. Today was fun because we did some old and new activities.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sewing 1 Class for GS Juniors

Today I had the Sewing 1 class. We learned about the sewing machine and how to operate it. We worked on our sewing project - a pillowcase - that we took home. It was fun to learn to sew with the sewing machine!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Your Outdoor Surroundings Badge

1. What Would I Need If

2. Pack It Up

3. What Does Minimal Impact Mean? (Sun. 10/16/11):

Minimal impact is acting to live in harmony with the environment by leaving a place in the same shape or better than we found it.

On our camping trip, we can practice minimal impact skills by not littering, picking up trash that you just found at the campsite or on a hike for example. When in nature, don't pick wildflowers, move rocks, or disturb nature in any way because you may be interfering with a creature's house or food.

4. To Protect the Environment (Sun. 10/16/11):

We can use resources wisely and protect the environment at camp by conserving water. We can take short showers and turn off the water in between dishwashing. We can also reuse and recycle items during the campout whenever possible, like reusing a plastic bag that carried supplies as a trash bag later. We will also not burn trash as that is harmful for the environment.

5. An Outdoor Hobby (Sat. 10/29/11):

Today we went Geocaching - in the rain! We put on our raingear and set off to find some treasures! We left little army guys in the caches that we took prizes from.

6. Classifying Outdoor Objects: The Artist and The Scientist (Sat. 10/29/11):

We took samples of different objects and spent some time describing their size and shape, color and texture, and direction/in relation to. It was fun.

7. An Outdoor Career

8. What Do You See? (Sat. 10/29/11):

We played this game with the group. It was fun because we collected the items and hid them overnight without anyone seeing them. We took turns describing them and the others drew their interpretation of the description. We revealed the item and compared it with the drawings- it was fun. One object was an interesting looking acorn/nut that we dissected.

9. Take a Nature Hike! (Fri. 10/28/11):

It was cloudy tonight, but after the campfire we took our flashlights and went on a night hike! It was a fun adventure!

10. Outdoor Fun and Games

Outdoor Cook Badge

1. Bon Appetit! (Sat. 10/29/11):

I helped plan, prepare, and serve an outdoor meal, including shopping for ingredients, packing, and cleaninig up.

2. Bean There, Done That

3. Cook It (Sat. 10/29 and Sun. 10/30/11):

I cooked breakfast eggs on the butane stove and learned how to control the height of the flame. The eggs cooked quickly! The butane stove is lightweight and portable.

I also cooked with propane - it is quite different because the flames are farther away.

4. Don't Let the Fire Go Out (Fri. 10/29/11):

I helped start and maintain the campfire! We boiled water for tea in a camp tea kettle, made popcorn in a pot, and of course made s'mores! It was exciting to see the water boil and the popcorn burst the lid off of the pot!

5. Cooking on a Camp Stove (Sat. 10/29/11):

Today I cooked on the camp stove. It was challenging because it was raining but we had it set up under the shelter so it worked okay. The camp stove is convenient but smelly.

6. Keep it Clean (Fri. 10/29/11):

After we were through with the campfire, I learned how to put out the fire and remove the ashes. Good thing we brought the shovel!

7. No Cooking Tonight (Sun. 10/30/11):

Today we had an emergency - power outtage - and planned a meal that didn't require cooking or refrigeration! We had peanut butter sandwiches, granola bars, dried fruit and nuts, and water.

8. Mix It Up

9. All Dried Up

10. Test the Waters

Camp Together Badge

1. Make a Plan (Sun. 10/16/11):

money for tolls
first aid kit
bug spray and itch cream
bathroom stuff
badge book and handbook
smores sticks
emergency money
sleeping bags
extension cords
books on camping
mess kit
paper (for lighting fires)
a little bit of wood
fire starters (just in case)
camp stove
lawn chairs
folding table
fire grate
cooking stuff and cooking utensils
eco-friendly cleaners
paper products (as few as possible)
trash bags
rain essentials
portable snacks
plastic cup
mesh bag
boots or sneakers
notebook and pencil

2. Safety First (Fri. 10/28/11):

We learned to recognize and discussed potential hazards at the campsite such as poisonous plants, insects, animals, and unstable footing areas.

We established a truddy and group boundaries, and an emergency signal and meeting place if lost.

We reviewed the fire and evacuation plans for the campsite and practiced what to do in the event of an emergency.

3. Walk Softly

4. Dress Right (Sun. 10/16/11):

long and short socks
long pants
t-shirts and long sleeved shirts
sewing kit
duct tape
bug repellent
itch cream
hiking boots

5. Fueling and Cleaning Up

6. Challenge Yourself

7. Pitching In (Sun. 10/16/11):

Possible schedule:

First day

get there and check in at the campsite
decide where to sleep
unload car and set-up
start campfire soon after arriving
walk around camp to see whats around
cook dinner
clean up from dinner
S'mores/sing songs/stories etc.
extinguish campfire
get ready for bed

Second day

cook and eat breakfast
cook lunch
clean up
planned outdoor nature activites
free time at camp
start campfire
make dinner
S'mores/songs/stories etc.
get ready for bed

Third day

wake up
cook and eat breakfast
free time at camp
pack up everything
pack car
travel home

Some chores for the kaper chart:
starting the campfire
cleaning up your own mess
straighten your own sleeping bag
keep your area neat and clean

8. Natural World (Sun. 10/30/11):

The weather improved today so we took our nature hike to the creek this morning.

9. The Outdoors at Night (Fri. 10/28/11):

We sang songs and told stories around the campfire tonight! It was too cloudy for stargazing.

10. Learning from Experience

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Twilight Campfire

Today we went to the Twilight Campfire program. It was fun! We had a large campfire and some charcoal grills where we roasted marshmallows for S'Mores! We sang songs like "Forty Years on an Iceberg," "The Littlest Worm," "Bazooka Zooka Bubblegum," "The Moose Song," and "Boom Chicka Boom." My new friend and I led the group in singing "Baby Bumble Bee," and we all ended the campfire by singing "Taps."

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Picking and Pumpkin Patch!

Today we went apple picking at a local farm. We had a hayride to the apple orchard, where many apples were already picked, but we get a few that were still high up on some trees! Then we walked down to the pumpkin patch and got a pumpkin. We rode the hayride back - it was a long ride and we had fun looking at all of the orchards, vegetable fields, and trees. The leaves are just beginning to change color.