Sunday, July 1, 2012


We had an introductory canoeing class at the Environmental Education Center pond. We learned the parts of the canoe, paddles, and basic strokes. We also learned how to put on the life vest for proper fit. We were taught how to take the canoe off of the rack, how to launch the canoe, and how to enter and exit the canoe by lowering your center of gravity. At the end, we helped to return the canoes to the racks and the paddles and life vests to the shed.

When we were practicing our strokes on the pond, we saw a muskrat swimming with a long green leaf! He went under a tree so we couldn't see him after that.

We took a group paddle around the island, then back to the other end for a game. After that we paddled to the dock and we took turns exiting the canoes and putting everything away.

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