Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dancercize Try-It

1. Move to the Beat - Practiced these moves in "March to Fitness" exercise video for 40 minutes instead of 10-15 minutes. (Fri. 1/1/10)

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2. Dance on Stage - I watched a video dance performance of "The Nutcracker." (Wed. 12/23/09)

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3. My Own Dance - A Jazz Dance that has "kick ball change" in it and can be danced to a fast song on the "Kids Only" channel. (Fri. 1/1/10) Here it is:

Jazz box, jump 3, run, hands up/down, left leg/right grapevine both sides, middle split, jump 3, step touch, fist out-in 6, run original feet spaced out, arms right first then left, both sides passe down, pirouette down, jump, jazz box-kick ball change 4, pose; arms folded back to back.

It was very hard to teach how to do my dance, and for me too because I had to keep looking at the page where the directions were and it was so slow - it took a long time to teach.

4. Dance Party -

5. Follow The Leader -

6. A Dance Story - This ballet is called "Eins math un gut" - that means "The math is good" because I got my math done! The story is about a girl who is doing her math, and she hates it, but then she gets it done and does a little happy dance! The happy dance is a number of pirouettes, arabesques, and leaps. She is smiling and moving her arms also. (Tues. 1/5/10)

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