Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sounds of Music Try-It

1. Make Your Own - I made two maracas which are shakers and decorated them. (Mon. 12/21/09)

2. Single String Swing - How it gets its pitch has to do with your finger and the vibration of the string. The higher you pluck, the higher the sound. The lower you pluck, the lower the sound. How it works is all about vibration. If you pluck higher on a shorter string, the vibration has a shorter distance to travel, and that way it has a higher sound. (Wed. 12/23/09)

3. Sliding Air - This is my second favorite of all instruments we're going to do. The sound is lower when you lift the straw out of the water because the tube is getting longer. The sound is higher when you lower the straw into the water because the tube is shorter. These sounds are higher and lower because just as with the Single String Swing, when you lift the straw out it has longer tube to vibrate and it makes a low sound, and when the straw is pushed in it is shorter and makes a higher sound. (Wed. 12/23/09)

4. Shoebox Guitar - This instrument was the most complicated instrument that I ever had to make. Once I got it done, I loved it!! (Thurs. 12/24/09)

5. Melody Mobiles - It was the second easiest to make of all instruments we made. I like how it turned out. (Thurs. 12/24/09)

6. Live Music - Music & Motion Program (Sat. 1/9/10)
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This was probably the most social of all activities in this try-it. I got to meet some new girls from another troop and learn some pretty cool stuff about automata. The girls were really nice. The demonstration of one of the music boxes was REALLY LOUD! I really enjoyed the museum visit.

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