Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jeweler Badge

1. Jewelry from Everyday Objects:

2. Macrame:

3. Jewelry from Other Lands (Sun. 1/9/11 at the GSNNJ program):

At the Girl Scout program, we learned about jewelry from Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, China, and Japan. It was interesting!

4. Jewelers' Skills (Sun. 1/9/11 at the GSNNJ program):

We talked about the skill of hammering after gold is heated with fire. It then can be shaped. We also talked about the jewelry making technique of forming beaded links, which is how beads can be joined to make a strong piece of jewelry. We were taught this technique and practiced it.

5. Take a Tour:

6. Something Natural (Sun. 1/9/11):

I made a pin made of a cardboard backing with pine cones and shells along with some plastic beads.

7. Triple Up (Sun. 1/9/11 at the GSNNJ program):

We made a necklace and a matching bracelet from two different kinds of wire, beads, and spacers.

8. Store Your Gems:

9. True Jemstones (Sun. 1/9/11 at the GSNNJ program):

We learned about different stones and minerals that are used for preventing sickness and bad luck, as well as for relaxation. They were worn for religious reasons or purely for ornamentation which is a symbol of wealth.

10. Get the Message (Sun. 1/9/11):

My friend and I made friendship bracelets and exchanged them this morning. It was fun.

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