Sunday, December 26, 2010

Making Music Badge

1. A Family Affair (Wed. 12/29/10):

We talked about the musical instrument families in small groups then made presentations and showed pictures to the big group.

2. A New Sound (Wed. 12/29/10):

We designed and created our own instruments made of recycled materials with colorful craft materials.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice (Wed. 12/29/10):

We learned more than two new songs and took home a music packet that was all new music.

4. Compose Yourself:

5. Musical Roots:

6. Be a Conductor (Wed. 12/19/10):

We learned the proper way to hold the conducting baton and some ways to conduct, start, and stop the group. We also learned how to change to let musicians know we wanted louder and softer, smooth or short.

7. Music with a Theme (Wed. 12/29/10):

We played a Norwegian folk song that was about the fjords!

8. On Stage (Fri. 12/3/10 and Sun. 12/5/10):

On Friday, I had my first holiday concert with the NJYC at the Grace Episcopal Church in Madison, and on Sunday we had our holiday concert at Delbarton. They were awesome!

9. Opera, Anyone?

10. The World and Its Influence on Music:

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