Friday, December 3, 2010

A Healthier You Badge

1. Healthy Bones (Sat. 12/4/10):

Seven different foods that are calcium-rich are:

ice cream
calcium-fortified orange juice
cooked spinach
collard greens

The calcium foods that I eat are:

breakfast - yogurt
lunch - cheese
dinner - milk and sometimes cheese

2. Strong Bones (Sat. 12/4/10):

The weight-bearing physical activities that I do for at least 30 minutes each day are walking, hiking, and ice skating. I like ice skating the best!

3. Talk to Me (Sun. 12/12/10):

The signs and symptoms of anorexia and bulimia are:

big weight loss in a short amount of time
hides body shape by dressing in big or baggy clothes or dressing in layers
seems obsessed with weight and exercising
starves him or herself or limits food
eats a lot of food at once and makes themselves vomit
hides the use of medicines to go to the bathroom or vomit
afraid of eating near or with others
losing hair and has a pale complexion
bruised or callused knuckles; bloodshot or bleeding in the eyes; light bruising under the eyes and on the cheeks
has dizziness, swolen glands, sore throat

Some of the health problems that can result from these illnesses are:

muscle loss
hair loss

You can help someone who is suffering from an eating disorder by:

knowing the signs and symptoms
help them to go see a doctor or another trusted person
talk to someone
don't judge

Research source:

4. Tell Me What You Think (Sat. 12/4/10):

I completed the requirements for this activity at the GSNNJ program "Little Miss Not-So-Perfect." We talked about media advertising, and how the pictures can be changed to not look anything like the real person. We also talked about what girls think about that and how they can be affected by it, and maybe feel bad about themselves. You should make a bubble for all of the good things that affect your self-esteem, and keep all of the bad things outside of the bubble and push them away. It all depends on how you think about things.

5. Getting the Message Out (Sat. 12/4/10):

I completed the requirements for this activity at the GSNNJ program "Little Miss Not-So-Perfect." We talked about how we are each beautiful in our own way and that we can spread the word that everyone is beautiful, being nice to others, and not comparing ourselves to others.

6. Preventable or Inevitable?

7. Ways to Help

8. Get Well Soon (Tues. 12/7/10):

We visited my great-grandmother who is 97 years old. We visited her and had dinner, then helped her find something she lost.

9. Keeping Track

10. Relay for Sun Safety

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