Saturday, December 4, 2010

Computer Fun Badge

1. Get Set Up (Sun. 12/12/10):

To create a healthier work environment when using the computer, you should do these things:

Develop your brain by reading books, going outside, and talking face-to-face with people.
Protect your eyes by not sitting too close to the computer or the tv, and using soothing color combinations on the computer screen.
Protect your ears by keeping the volume down to protect your hearing and the hearing of others.
Be good to your body by having a foot rest when sitting at the computer, and don't sit in one position all of the time.

2. Just the Basics (Sun. 12/12/10):

I demonstrated the ability to create a document using Microsoft Word, saving that document, adding bullets to a list (which was really fun to do because it had so many different pictures that you can use as bullets!), using spell-check, and printing out stored information.

3. Computer Artist (Sun. 12/12/10):

I took a digital picture of a science project and learned how to crop, size, sharpen, and brighte, the picture. I especially liked learning how to crop it.

4. Desktop Publishing (Sun. 12/12/10):

5. Fun and Games (Sun. 12/12/10):

6. Review the Products:

7. Get Practical (Sun. 12/12/10):

8. What's Available?

9. On the Job:

10. Comparison Shopping:

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