Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drawing and Painting Badge

1. Media Savvy

2. Primary - Secondary (Sat. 8/13/11):

3. No Brushes

4. What's Your Line? (Wed. 6/2/11):

5. In Shape (Wed. 6/2/11):

6. Shades of Color (Sat. 8/13/11):

7. It's How You Look at It

8. On the Wall

9. On Your Own (Sat. 8/13/11):

10. Women Who Paint (Sat. 8/13/11): Frida Kalho

How did she get involved in the arts?

She was in an accident and had to stay in bed. She painted a portrait herself to keep from being bored.

How has she achieved success?

She was never successful in her time, but after she died, her paintings became known all around the world.

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