Monday, February 20, 2012

Sew Simple Badge

1. Hands Down (Saturday 2/18/12):

I tried hand sewing a patch on my Cadette vest - the patch is thick!

2. A Stitch in Time (Saturday, 10/22/11):

We did machine stitching using these different stitches at the GSNNJ Sewing 1 program.

3. Foot Fun

4. Program It (Saturday, 10/22/11):

We picked a decorative stitch from a sample card and learned how to program the sewing machine and sewed the design at the GSNNJ Sewing 1 program.

5. Pick a Pattern (Sat. 3/17/12): at GSNNJ Sewing 3 program.

6. A Perfect Fit (Sat. 2/4/12): at GSNNJ Sewing 2 program.

7. Sew for Service

8. Hospital Helpers

9. Find the Fabric (Saturday 2/4/12):

We looked at different fabrics at the GSNNJ Sewing 2 class and decided which fabrics we liked and how much we needed for our project.

10. Sew a Puppet

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