Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fun and Fit Badge

1. A Little Each Day (week of 3/5/12):
I picked two activities (instead of one) for this week: walking outside and/or biking. It worked out well because the weather was so nice!

2. Chart the Race

3. Warm-Up (Sat. 3/10/12):
We did a cardio warm-up which included walking fast then jogging.

4. Cool Down (Sat. 3/10/12):
The cool down included walking slower and stretching.

5. Stretch (Sun. 3/11/12):
We did front of thigh stretch, back stretch, and chest and shoulder stretch.

6. Get Moving

7. Know No Obstacles

8. Strengthen Up

9. If the Shoe Fits, Wear It! (Sun. 3/11/12):
We traced bare feet and compared them to the shoe - and discovered that the shoe does fit!

10. Fancy Footwork (Sun. 3/11/12):
We did the watermark test to see if we had flat feet or high arches.

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