Sunday, January 13, 2013

Think BIG Badge

1. Come up with a big idea.

My big idea is to raise money to travel with my Girl Scout Council to Pax Lodge in 2015!

2. Take your sales to the next level.

Some of my ideas are to have a booth sale and also go door-to-door with a wheelbarrow of cookies and sell in my neighborhood. I also thought I could have a drive-up cookie booth. People would drive to the spot and buy cookies.

3. Sell your big dream to others.

I can use social media to spread the word about buying Girl Scout Cookies and what girls can do with the money from selling cookies. I can also make a board presentation about some of the activities that I have done like camping and food drives, and another one about the trip to Europe.

4. Ask experts to help you take your plan up a notch.

5. Share your experience in a big way.

I can create a video presentation about the trip that I can show to my cookie customers.

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