Saturday, December 17, 2011

Art in 3-D Badge

1. In the Fold (Tues. 8/9/11):

The Paper Crane - Even though it was hard, I did it!

2. Mold It (Tues. 8/9/11):

3. Past Masters

4. Negatives are Positives

5. Carve It (Saturday 11/19/11):

I worked on carving a unicorn on a piece of basswood - it was hard but fun.

6. All Around the Town

7. Art That's Me (Wed. 8/10/11):

8. Art as Therapy

9. It's Mobile (Wed. 11/2/11):

I made a mobile of pictures that people would enjoy such as a rainbow, a bird, a smilie face, and other fun pictures!

10. Wire It (Wed. 12/14/11):

I made a flower out of three different colors of wire. I liked working with the wire - it was fun.

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