Friday, December 16, 2011

Money Sense Badge

1. Troop Budget

2. Best Investments (Saturday 12/10/11):

We learned about Savings accounts, Certificates of Deposit, and Stocks today at the TD Bank presentation.

3. Invest Together (Friday 12/9/11-3/9/11):

We are playing the Virtual Stock Market game through the TD Bank Wow Zone!

4. Cash or Credit (Friday 12/16/11):

We talked about how credit cards work and current interest rates. We also talked about how college students are offered credit cards but should not take them because they have no income to pay the money back. We figured out that it would take many years to pay off the bicycle, so it is better to save and pay in cash.

5. Ups and Downs of the Market

6. Careers in Finance (Saturday 12/10/11):

We learned about different careers in finance and the training you need at the TD Bank presentation.

7. Shop Smart

8. Reality Check (Friday 12/16/11):

We worked on filling out the budget worksheet of living expenses and figured out that I would need a job that paid me lot of money to pay these bills.

9. Money Doesn't Always Matter (Friday 12/16/11):

We talked about good things that money can't buy such as taking walks in our neighborhood, free concerts in the park, and speiding time with our family. We then took a walk in our neighborhood and spent time with family.

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