Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cadette Safety Award

1. Learn how to make a room safe for a young child.

Young children can be hurt easily if rooms are not made safe for them. You can make a room safe for a young child by putting covers on the electrical outlets, putting things that you don't want kids to touch near the center of the table out of reach, remove all breakable objects such as vases or glass decorations, putting hair bands (or locks) around cabinet doors and drawers so they can't be opened. Sometimes houses have a special toilet safety lock that only adults can open (hopefully). Get a fence for the yard to keep the little ones safe. Also good are the child safety gates for stairs. Pick up pet water and food bowls and place them out of reach. Keep electrical cords out of reach.

2. Find out about water safety.

3. Teach a Daisy or Brownie what to do if she gets lost.

Today I ran a program that included teaching Daisy Girl Scouts what to do if they get lost. I also read a story called "Officer Runkle and Gloria" which was about asking a police officer for help to stay safe.

4. With your family, make sure you have enough food, water, and medical supplies.

We have enough food to last at least 3 days in case of a natural disaster. We also have family contact information in case family members are separated.  We had two severe storms last year- a hurricane and an early snow storm. We went to the store to buy extra batteries and water but they were out of water. We got the batteries but waited in long lines because everybody was stocking up. So- it is very important that you have batteries and water in addition to your food and medical supplies in case of emergency. We also get water delivered to our house so we always have extra water on hand. You should also always have a First Aid kit in your car and in your house.

5. Discuss bullying with your Girl Scout group, friends, or family.

I wrote and signed a personal responsibility statement that covers how I'll behave at school, at home, and online.

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