Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trees Badge

1. Try some tree fun.

Take a tree trip.
We went to the farm, took a hayride to the orchard, and picked Golden Delicious apples. It was fun! We had homemade ice cream after the picking. We made apple cobbler with the apples.

2. Dig into the amazing science of trees.

Be a naturalist in your neighborhood.
We took a walk through our neighborhood and identified more than five types of trees and recorded them on a tree map, along with some notes about the trees and if they were planted or naturally occurring. The trees we saw were hemlock, flame maple, magnolia, Bradford pear, cherry, dogwood, and blue spruce. Most were planted in the recent past.

3. Make a creative project starring trees.

Capture a tree on your canvas or the page.
I made a sculpture of a tree out of clay.

4. Explore the connection between people and trees.

We visited the arboretum to observe the kinds of trees that grow well in our area, and I made a landscaping project that included those trees as well as other plants.

5. Help trees thrive.

Plant a tree:
I planted several trees and helped some that didn't look healthy by planting them in special pots and nurturing them.

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