Saturday, February 23, 2013

Babysitter Badge

1. Get to know how kids develop.

Find information at the library or online.
We did this activity for each of the age groups in the American Red Cross Babysitting Training class.

2. Prepare for challenges.

Attend a babysitter training course.
I attended the American Red Cross Babysitting Training course.

3. Focus on play.

Volunteer for at least two hours.
I observed two babies playing. They were so cute! They were playing with baby toys and teethers, and one of the babies took a toy away from the other baby when she wasn't looking, but she didn't realize it!

4. Find potential employers.

I made a flyer for advertising babysitting services.

5. Practice your babysitting skills.

I was a mother's helper on a Saturday morning. We had a reading activity, finger painting activity, snack, and playing with toys. The time went by fast! We changed activities very quickly and cleaned up after each one. The kids move quickly, too!

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