Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brownie Girl Scouts Around the World Try-It

(All requirements were satisfied during the program sponsored by GSNNJ Paramus.)

1. What Do They Call...? (Sat. 2/27/10)

Thailand = Bluebirds

Norway = Brownies

Ghana = Ananse Guides

Italy = Wolf Cub

Chile = Little Wings

United Kingdom = Brownie Guides

Sweden = Minor Guides

Oman = Zahras

2. Where in the World...?

3. Around the World (Sat. 2/27/10):

We learned a song from New Zealand. We sang the words and played the Lummi Sticks to the beat. My favorite part was the flip, and most girls couldn't get that part!

4. Create a Picture Book (Sat. 2/27/10):

We made a scrapbooking page for the troop scrapbook. They gave us a binder with plastic pages for the scrapbook pages. My page had pictures of things that I did, such as the Sit-Upon, Smores, Maracas, and more! I also added some stickers.

5. Global Games (Sat. 2/27/10):

We played a game called password - sort of like telephone but different. You had to trace a letter on a player's back one at a time to spell the word. The front person asked us what it was and guessed the word.

Another game used hula hoops and we had to more them down the line while holding hands. That was better than the password one.

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