Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Her Story Try-It

1. A Girl Scout's Story (Thurs. 2/11/10):

We heard about Juliette Gordon Low and her story, and the stories of other women who were Girl Scouts long ago and now work for Girl Scouts of Northern NJ. They were really great ones. Did you know that Juliette Low sold her jewelry to found Girl Scouts?

2. Talk to Women

3. Create Tales (Thurs. 2/11/10):

We used "Little Red Riding Hood" and rewrote it for the present day. After we did that we made puppets to tell the story. I was the cupcakes! We acted out the story in the puppet theater. It was cool.

4. A Ceremony to Honor Women (Thurs. 2/11/10):

For this one we had a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was pretty good. My partner and I found a lot of things but the first clue we had to look for was a birth certificate. In the end we found it. We each made a presentation for our famous women to learn more about them.

5. Help in Your Community

6. Your Story (Thurs. 2/11/10);

We made a list of things from the past, present, and things we want for the future. Then we made our timeline and drew pictures and described the events. It was fun.

***All activities for this try-it took place at the council sponsored program "Her Story" at the Community Children's Museum in Dover.

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