Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girl Scout Ways Try-It

1. The Girl Scout Law (Mon. 2/15/10):

I made a coloring book that has pictures and describes the parts of the Girl Scout Law that say friendly and helpful and courageous and strong. I will give it to a Daisy Girl Scout to help her learn about the Girl Scout Law.

2. Special Girl Scout Ways (Tues. 2/2/10):

We practiced the traditions and hand signs:

Girl Scout Handshake

Girl Scout Sign

Quiet Sign

Friendship Circle

Friendship Squeeze

3. S'mores (Tues. 2/2/10):

This is my favorite dessert of all desserts! It was yummy, yummy, and more yummy!
My favorite part about making s'mores is toasting marshmallows. Now I know what happens to marshmallows when over fire! If you think that's scary, imagine what it would be when it was outside! Sheesh!

4. Sit-Upon (Wed. 2/10/10):

I learned how to use the sewing machine. It was a lot like driving a car. It was fun to make the sit-upon.

5. Be Prepared

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