Saturday, March 6, 2010

Earth and Sky Try-It

**All requirements were completed at the GSNNJ program "Earth and Sky" on Sat. 3/6/10

1. Can You Dig It? (Sat. 3/6/10):

We put our hoop on a spot and looked at the surface of the ground. It had dead grass, leaves, twigs, and other things. We made a hole 1" deep, then 3" and 6" and noticed that we went into horizon "O" which was the shallow layer of ground. At the 6" hole, there was a little bit of earth clay. It wasn't muddy. We didn't find any creatures but I think we found a worm. We cleaned up after we were done and filled in the hole.

2. Hot Time in the Sun

3. Going, Going, Gone (Sat. 3/6/10):

We went on a hike and saw an uprooted tree, little streams from the snow melting, and very scenic spots. The soil erosion happens when water meets soil and rushes for a long time and gets worn down.

4. Sky Watching (Sat. 3/6/10):

We learned about the different kinds of clouds and looked in the sky to see if we could find any. We saw a contrail which is the cloud that airplanes make. We then did a watercoloring of clouds. That was fun!

5. Creatures of the Air (Sat. 3/6/10):

We saw a hawk and heard and saw the nuthatch. We saw a woodpecker, too!

6. Make a Rock

7. What's an Eclipse?

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