Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Body Try-It

1. Brain Power (Sun. 3/21/10):

Different Muscles - It was a little bit hard to do both together but it wasn't all that hard. Mom did this one well.

Eye to Brain to Hand - I did better than Mom did partly because she held it lower to my hands than I did, but after a while she got it!

2. Dreams (Sun. 3/21/10):

I dreamt that I was visiting my cousins and I was in a house but not their house. My oldest cousin was plaing with a little girl. I realized that the little girl was me! Then I woke up!

3. Funny Face (Sun. 3/21/10):

We did the mirror exercises, and eye exercises. We used our face and eye muscles to do them.

4. Body Volley

5. Muscle Reaction (Sun. 3/21/10):

After 20 seconds, it relaxed because I was tightening and then releasing the muscle.

6. Pulse (Sun. 3/21/10):

It was cool to find my pulse and Mom's. At first, I couldn't find my pulse but then I found it. My pulse went up after running around because more blood was pumping and I needed more oxygen.

7. A Fit Body

8. Body Parts

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