Saturday, March 13, 2010

People Are Talking Try-It

***All requirements for this try-it were satisfied at the GSNNJ program "People Are Talking" at the Parsippany Public Library.

1. It's Not What You Say, But How You Say It (Sat. 3/13/10):

In the sign language program, the teachers demonstrated how important it was to use sign language in a way that people understand what you are saying and what you mean!

2. Body Language (Sat. 3/13/10):

The teachers showed us the difference in signing when people use body language that goes along with the signs in order to communicate what they want without getting confused.

3. Getting the Feel of Things (Sat. 3/13/10):

We played "Guess the Feeling" when the teachers demonstrated feelings through signing.

6. Become Handy (Sat. 3/13/10):

We learned how to sign our name and phone number, some songs and stories, the alphabet, some phrases, and the Girl Scout Promise!

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