Sunday, February 28, 2010

Creative Composing Try-It

1. Compose a Song (Sat. 3/13/10):

This is a fairy greeting song:


Oh glory O my gloreee

Oh glory O my gloreee-ee

Oh glory O my

Oh glory O my

Oh glory O my gloreee.

Oh hanten, shay, luume
Oh hanten, shay, luuume
Oh hanten, shay, lume
Oh hanten, shay, lume
Oh hanten, shay, lume.
Oh glory O my gloreee
Oh hanten, shay, luuuuume
Oh glory oh my
Oh hanten, shay, lume
Oh glory oh my goreeeeeeeeeeeeee.

2. Compose Music for Instruments

3. Compose a Poem (Tues. 3/2/10):

I have a cat who
likes to play.
It likes to play
every day.


John Quincy Adams - By Katie

John Quincy was a very fine man
Although I'm sure he didn't live
in a frying pan.

Way back when they didn't have an elevator,
all he kept was an alligator.

Every morn (and you didn't get your corn)
He would go hither and hither
and swim every day
in the Potomac River.

John Quincy was a very fine man,
although I'm sure he didn't live
in a frying pan.


4. Compose a Painting (Sat. 3/13/10):

This is called "Door to Haley's World"

5. Compose a Play

6. Compose a Message (Tues. 3/9/10):

I made this code and message today. It has to do with spying : )

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brownie Girl Scouts Around the World Try-It

(All requirements were satisfied during the program sponsored by GSNNJ Paramus.)

1. What Do They Call...? (Sat. 2/27/10)

Thailand = Bluebirds

Norway = Brownies

Ghana = Ananse Guides

Italy = Wolf Cub

Chile = Little Wings

United Kingdom = Brownie Guides

Sweden = Minor Guides

Oman = Zahras

2. Where in the World...?

3. Around the World (Sat. 2/27/10):

We learned a song from New Zealand. We sang the words and played the Lummi Sticks to the beat. My favorite part was the flip, and most girls couldn't get that part!

4. Create a Picture Book (Sat. 2/27/10):

We made a scrapbooking page for the troop scrapbook. They gave us a binder with plastic pages for the scrapbook pages. My page had pictures of things that I did, such as the Sit-Upon, Smores, Maracas, and more! I also added some stickers.

5. Global Games (Sat. 2/27/10):

We played a game called password - sort of like telephone but different. You had to trace a letter on a player's back one at a time to spell the word. The front person asked us what it was and guessed the word.

Another game used hula hoops and we had to more them down the line while holding hands. That was better than the password one.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

World Thinking Day 2010

World Thinking Day 2010

We participated in the optional service project - a food drive for the Interfaith Food Pantry. This went with this year's theme: "Together we can end world poverty and hunger."

We also did a station called "Be Red Cross Ready." It talked about what you should do in an emergency and what you could do to get an emergency pack. It also talked a little bit about Haiti. Did you know that they were feeding an estimated 4,220 people?

We did "Global Goodies" which talked about foods from around the world. I got to try some of them. My favorite was from Germany - a chocolate cookie. Yum!

We also learned how to Indian Dance. It was hard but fun.

"Willkommen nach Deutchland" was all about Germany. Someday I will go to Germany!

"Signing Fingers" was about sign language. We learned how to sign "World Thinking Day" and some other signs.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eco-Explorer Try-It

1. Exploring Nature (Thurs. 2/18/10):

On our hike today we tried to find living and nonliving things in the natural environment.

Nonliving Things:

dew drops - no
smooth rock - no
shiny rock - no
sand - no
broken rock - yes
water - yes
sunlight - yes
clouds - yes
rock piles/cliffs - yes

Living Things:

flat green leaf - no
green leaf with pointy edges - no
green leaf with insect holes - no
green pine needles on a tree - yes
insects - yes
flower - no
cactus - no
mushroom - no
moss - yes
squirrel - no
chipmunk - no
bird - yes
worm - no

Signs of Living Things:

ant hill - no
bird nest - no
bones - no
broken twigs and branches - yes
brown leaves lying on the ground - yes
bits of fur and feathers - no
spider web - no
animal footprints - yes

2. What's a Habitat? (Thurs. 2/18/10):

When you are hungry and your stomach is growling you need to find some of this = food

When you are thirsty this is the best liquid for you to drink and it's not soda = water

This one word means a place to live and it rhymes with place = space

If you were outside and there was a bad storm you would look for this type of place = shelter

3. Make a Habitat (Fri. 2/26/10):

This is the Karner blue butterfly habitat. The Karner blue butterfly is important to protect it because its beautiful and endangered. You should also protect its habitat because it is the only thing it uses to survive, especially the lupine plant, which is also endangered.

4. Food Chain

5. Speak Up for Animals!

6. Helping Wildlife (Sun. 2/21/10):

In the Winter Birding program we learned about birds and how to use binoculars to see them in nature. Then we made bird feeders out of milk cartons and put seed in the bottom.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Investiture / Rededication Ceremony

Tonight we had our troop's Investiture / Rededication Ceremony. My Brownie Girl Scout membership pin was pinned upside down and in order to turn it up I have to do three good deeds. I did one good deed tonight by helping to clean up after the ceremony.

As of tonight I have completed 8 Try-Its!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cookies Count Try-It

1. Setting Goals

2. Good Manners (Mon. 2/15/10):

Here is my thank you note for the cookie sale:

3. Being a Good Friend or Neighbor

4. Fun with Change (Wed. 2/10/10):

There are 100 pennies in a dollar. There are 20 nickels in a dollar and 10 dimes in a dollar. There are 4 quarters in a dollar.

I practiced making change with play money. It was really fun!

5. Fun on the Job (Thurs. 2/18/10):

Visiting the Parsippany Shop Rite Bakery was lots of fun. The manager introduced us to the bakery people and gave us a tour. I studied how the cakes and cookies were displayed. I saw a man who was making pizza dough. He gave me a lump to play with. Then I got to see the sugar decorations. It's like the sugar decorations you see on Food Network! As a bonus, I got to make my own cake! It was hard, but fun! I made a clown and some balloons and stuck a Happy Birthday sign on the cake. It was a late birthday present! =:)

6. Cookie Talk (Tues. 2/2/10):

This is what I said to the people I sold cookies to:

Hi, this is Katie! Did you know that am a Girl Scout? I am selling Girl Scout Cookies. Would you like to buy some? The cookies cost $4 a box.

I explained the kinds of cookies and what they tasted like. My personal favorite is probably Tagalongs. They are so good!

Her Story Try-It

1. A Girl Scout's Story (Thurs. 2/11/10):

We heard about Juliette Gordon Low and her story, and the stories of other women who were Girl Scouts long ago and now work for Girl Scouts of Northern NJ. They were really great ones. Did you know that Juliette Low sold her jewelry to found Girl Scouts?

2. Talk to Women

3. Create Tales (Thurs. 2/11/10):

We used "Little Red Riding Hood" and rewrote it for the present day. After we did that we made puppets to tell the story. I was the cupcakes! We acted out the story in the puppet theater. It was cool.

4. A Ceremony to Honor Women (Thurs. 2/11/10):

For this one we had a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was pretty good. My partner and I found a lot of things but the first clue we had to look for was a birth certificate. In the end we found it. We each made a presentation for our famous women to learn more about them.

5. Help in Your Community

6. Your Story (Thurs. 2/11/10);

We made a list of things from the past, present, and things we want for the future. Then we made our timeline and drew pictures and described the events. It was fun.

***All activities for this try-it took place at the council sponsored program "Her Story" at the Community Children's Museum in Dover.

Girl Scout Ways Try-It

1. The Girl Scout Law (Mon. 2/15/10):

I made a coloring book that has pictures and describes the parts of the Girl Scout Law that say friendly and helpful and courageous and strong. I will give it to a Daisy Girl Scout to help her learn about the Girl Scout Law.

2. Special Girl Scout Ways (Tues. 2/2/10):

We practiced the traditions and hand signs:

Girl Scout Handshake

Girl Scout Sign

Quiet Sign

Friendship Circle

Friendship Squeeze

3. S'mores (Tues. 2/2/10):

This is my favorite dessert of all desserts! It was yummy, yummy, and more yummy!
My favorite part about making s'mores is toasting marshmallows. Now I know what happens to marshmallows when over fire! If you think that's scary, imagine what it would be when it was outside! Sheesh!

4. Sit-Upon (Wed. 2/10/10):

I learned how to use the sewing machine. It was a lot like driving a car. It was fun to make the sit-upon.

5. Be Prepared