Sunday, March 21, 2010

Animals Try-It

1. Caring for Pets (Tues. 3/23/10):

My aunt's dog Roger needs food, water, the veterinarian, dog grooming, toys, exercise, bathroom outside, walks, and lots of love to stay healthy. Conniel also had parakeets, chameleons, and hamsters. You had to feed the chameleon live crickets! She said that the dog was the best pet. (I think you can guess what was the worst!)

2. Understanding Animals (Fri. 3/26):

We visited Pyramid Mountain and did activities about watching fireflies communicate by blinking codes, watching and identifying different animal's eyes, and listening to the sounds that different animals make. It was fun, and I made a new friend from another troop.

3. Creature Moves (Tues. 3/23/10):

a. Rabbit Hop
b. Seal Slide
c. Elephant Walk
d. Crab Scuttle
e. Inchworm Crawl
f. Frog Jump
g. Snake Slither

4. Looks Mean Something (Fri. 3/26):

At the Pyramid Mountain program we played a game where we had to guess what animal we were wearing on our back by asking questions about its body and habitat. It was fun.

5. Sounds Charades (Tues. 3/23/10):

I made the sounds for these animals:

sea lion
cat mouse

I thought that it was hard to think of how to make the cricket sound so I didn't do it!

Healthy Habits Try-It

1. Community Helpers

2. Beautiful Smile (Thurs. 4/1):

We read about keeping teeth healthy, brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist. I visit the dentist every 6 months. The teeth cleaning chart was easy to do, although I need to get better at brushing in the mornings - I forget to do it.

3. Calcium Counts

4. Smoking, a Bad Habit (Sat. 3/27):

We read information on smoking and discussed why it is bad for you. The code message is "Don't smoke!" I will do more research on smoking and health.

5. Washing Works (Sat. 3/27):

We read about hand washing and how it prevents the spread of germs. I thought the song was cute! It is also the Alphabet Song. When I did the activity, I sang the song and made sure that I washed my hands properly.

6. Feelings Game (Thurs. 4/1):

I drew the pictures on index cards and we played the game of sharing a time when I had that feeling.

My Body Try-It

1. Brain Power (Sun. 3/21/10):

Different Muscles - It was a little bit hard to do both together but it wasn't all that hard. Mom did this one well.

Eye to Brain to Hand - I did better than Mom did partly because she held it lower to my hands than I did, but after a while she got it!

2. Dreams (Sun. 3/21/10):

I dreamt that I was visiting my cousins and I was in a house but not their house. My oldest cousin was plaing with a little girl. I realized that the little girl was me! Then I woke up!

3. Funny Face (Sun. 3/21/10):

We did the mirror exercises, and eye exercises. We used our face and eye muscles to do them.

4. Body Volley

5. Muscle Reaction (Sun. 3/21/10):

After 20 seconds, it relaxed because I was tightening and then releasing the muscle.

6. Pulse (Sun. 3/21/10):

It was cool to find my pulse and Mom's. At first, I couldn't find my pulse but then I found it. My pulse went up after running around because more blood was pumping and I needed more oxygen.

7. A Fit Body

8. Body Parts

Saturday, March 13, 2010

People Are Talking Try-It

***All requirements for this try-it were satisfied at the GSNNJ program "People Are Talking" at the Parsippany Public Library.

1. It's Not What You Say, But How You Say It (Sat. 3/13/10):

In the sign language program, the teachers demonstrated how important it was to use sign language in a way that people understand what you are saying and what you mean!

2. Body Language (Sat. 3/13/10):

The teachers showed us the difference in signing when people use body language that goes along with the signs in order to communicate what they want without getting confused.

3. Getting the Feel of Things (Sat. 3/13/10):

We played "Guess the Feeling" when the teachers demonstrated feelings through signing.

6. Become Handy (Sat. 3/13/10):

We learned how to sign our name and phone number, some songs and stories, the alphabet, some phrases, and the Girl Scout Promise!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Girl Scout Week - March 7-13, 2010

Today is the first day of Girl Scout Week 2010. I wore my vest and pins to church school and got my paper signed this morning.

Monday I reported on my favorite part of the Girl Scout Law and how I lived the promise and law today. I was spying and that takes guts, so this demonstrates how I am courageous and strong. And that takes guts : )

Tuesday we rode bikes for 20 minutes for exercise, and I used the calculator to solve the secret message which is Bess sells shells bells oil : )

Thursday I followed a street map and gave Mom directions to the consignment store. It was fun!

Friday I wore my vest and pins in the afternoon to the Cookie Booth Sale. That was really fun!

Maple Sugaring

Today we had the Maple Sugaring program at Lake Rickabear. It was great! We learned about sugar maple trees and the equipment and tools you need for maple sugaring. We tasted maple candy and some of the syrup boiled down from the Lake Rickabear sap. It was good!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Earth and Sky Try-It

**All requirements were completed at the GSNNJ program "Earth and Sky" on Sat. 3/6/10

1. Can You Dig It? (Sat. 3/6/10):

We put our hoop on a spot and looked at the surface of the ground. It had dead grass, leaves, twigs, and other things. We made a hole 1" deep, then 3" and 6" and noticed that we went into horizon "O" which was the shallow layer of ground. At the 6" hole, there was a little bit of earth clay. It wasn't muddy. We didn't find any creatures but I think we found a worm. We cleaned up after we were done and filled in the hole.

2. Hot Time in the Sun

3. Going, Going, Gone (Sat. 3/6/10):

We went on a hike and saw an uprooted tree, little streams from the snow melting, and very scenic spots. The soil erosion happens when water meets soil and rushes for a long time and gets worn down.

4. Sky Watching (Sat. 3/6/10):

We learned about the different kinds of clouds and looked in the sky to see if we could find any. We saw a contrail which is the cloud that airplanes make. We then did a watercoloring of clouds. That was fun!

5. Creatures of the Air (Sat. 3/6/10):

We saw a hawk and heard and saw the nuthatch. We saw a woodpecker, too!

6. Make a Rock

7. What's an Eclipse?