Thursday, April 8, 2010

Listening to the Past Try-It

Photo Courtesy of Morris County Park Commission

All Requirements for this Try-It were completed at the GSNNJ program "Listening to the Past" at Fosterfields Living Historical Farm.

1. Community Stories (Sat. 4/10/10):

We learned how the farm was important during the time of the Fosters and how they used the equipment.

2. If These Buildings Could Talk (Sat. 4/10/10):

We learned that the farmhouse was rebuilt in the 1900s because the original one burned down. Caroline made the kitchen extra big in this one with a big arch between the kitchen and dining room so people in the dining room could be seen. Caroline lived in the mansion on the hill, and built the little house for relaxing and reading.

3. Visit the Oldest Cemetery

4. Tell Stories of the Past (Sat. 4/10/10):

We learned about Caroline Foster and her years on the farm. She was very smart and liked to read and ride horses. She also was strong and determined and was involved in a lot of things.

5. Acting Out

6. Games of the Past (Sat. 4/10/10):

Some of the old fashioned games were darts, puzzles, yo-yo, dominoes, checkers, tic-tac-toe, hoop and stick, badminton, jump rope, rope toss and pegs, potato and spoon, acrobat bear, wooden top, fishing. My favorite one was the hoop and stick.

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