Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth is Our Home Try-It

1. Clean and Green (Thurs. 4/22/10):

I made these natural cleaning products:

Glass Cleaner - made of vinegar and water. It was awesome! It worked so well.

Bathroom Cleaner - made of baking soda and water. That worked really well also.

Furniture Polish - made of canola oil and lemon juice. The furniture really shined!

2. Project Recycle

3. Stop a Draft (Thurs. 4/22/10):

I made a draft stopper out of an old towel, string, and decorations. It's a good size to stop a draft in the kitchen window.

4. Cooking with the Sun (Fri. 4/23/10):

The solar cooker was a good idea but it didn't get hot enough to roast the marshmallow. It did get warm, though.

5. Recipe for a Miniworld (Fri. 4/29/10):

I put purple flowers, moss, and some flat stones in a little container and it was so full, we couldn't put the lid on, but that's ok. I watered it with a watering can and set it on the kitchen windowsill.

Happy Earth Day!

6. Earth's Caretakers

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