Thursday, April 22, 2010

Plants Try-It

1. Seed Race

2. Plant Rubbings (Sun. 5/2/10):

There were little dots on the tree rubbing and a little circle of dots on the tree rubbing. The leaf rubbing came out really well. It was a maple leaf.

3. Baby Beans

4/29/10 -- In progress. We are trying frozen soy beans called edamame because we didn't have dry soy beans or lima beans. So far, we just put the saoy beans in water to let them thaw out overnight. Stay tuned for the beans update!

4/30/10 -- In progress. We put the beans in the jar with the wet paper towel.

5/18/10 -- The edamame beans didn't grow, so we are trying again with dried red and white beans that we soaked overnight. We set them up in the jar with wet paper towel.

5/23/10 -- The beans are starting to grow and coming out of their shell! They are growing really fast! You can see the roots really well. The outsides separated and the sprout is coming out from the top part of the beans.

4. Leaf Hunt (Sun. 5/2/10):

My favorite leaf was the dandelion leaf. I liked that one because it looks like a million arrowheads all stuck together. Some people eat dandelions but I don't.

5. Simple Plants (Thurs. 4/22/10):

We wet the paper towel, waved the bread, gave it dust, wrapped in foil and placed in a dark spot. My favorite part was the waving of the bread!! Stay tuned for the mold update!


The Mold Update!

The mold update is that we found mold! We found it on the bread and also on the paper towel. the mold looks like diced green parsley. It smelled a little like garbage. It was very icky, but interesting.

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