Thursday, April 1, 2010

Safety Sense Try-It

1. Street Safety

2. Fire Safety Practice (Thurs. 4/8/10):

Our Brownie troop meets in a school classroom, and sometimes the events are held in the gym. For the classroom, the nearest exit is the front door of the school. For the gym, the nearest exit is gym door to the outside. If those exits are blocked, we can move ot another exit or go out the window.

3. Smoke Alarm (Thurs. 4/8/10):

A smoke alarm is also called a smoke detector. It is made up of two different parts -a detector that detects smoke and a very loud horn that wakes people up to warn them about the smoke. We have smoke alarms in our house on each floor. It sounds like a loud beep - very loud! When we hear the alarm, stay low and go out fo the nearest door. First you must check to see if the door is hot. If the door isn't hot you can go. If the door is hot, go to another exit. If you need to, you can go out of the window. Meet your family at the front tree or around the building at your meeting spot.

4. Playground Safety (Thurs. 4/8/10):

Some rules we can use to make sure playgrounds are safe:

Don't use playground equipment improperly.

Don't turn, misshape, or misform the swings.

No pushing.

Be careful when climbing on high things.

Always listen to an adult if there is something you should do to play safer.

5. First Aid (Thurs. 4/8/10):

We practiced the Heimlich Maneuver on each other and by ourselves. That actually works!

6. Safety Center

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