Saturday, May 15, 2010

All in the Family Try-It

1. Where are you from? (Sat. 5/15/10):

My family comes from another state - Pennsylvania, and Dad was born in California. My grandparents and great-grandparents came from England, France (Dad's side) and Poland, Czechloslovakia, and Germany (Mom's side), and of course America.

I think I am a little American Indian - it was Dad's great, Great, Great Grandma who was from the Oneida tribe.

A family story - when I was a little girl we have good memories of being at the beach with my aunt.

2. Say Cheese

3. Coupon Collection (Sat. 5/15/10):

These coupons are probably the best thing that my parents ever expected. They include the categories of clearing the table, no whining for four days, and doing math/calculus without tears. They have some humor in them and of course expiration dates.

4. Birthday Countdown (Sat. 5/15/10):

I made a birthday poster for my Nana's birthday.

5. Family Fitness (Sat. 5/15/10):

We did the family fun run but we walked and hiked 2 miles. It was strenuous but fun. We went to the secret playground. I swinged on the swings and I went so high I almost flipped over!

6. Make a Family Time Capsule

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