Saturday, May 15, 2010

GirlSports Try-It

1. Stretching Action (Sat. 5/15/10):

We tried these stretches for 20 seconds each:

Thigh Stretch

Back of Thigh Stretch

Calf Stretch

Chest and Shoulder Stretch


Back Stretch

Some of these stretches we do in dance class.

2. Throwing Skills (Sat. 5/15/10):

We threw the beanbag - it was fun! We kept backing up after a few throws and we still got it.

3. Catching Practice (Sat. 5/15/10):

We practiced catching - it was fun.

4. Kicking Fun (Sat. 5/15/10):

We used a playground ball for this activity instead of the balloon because we were out of balloons. It was fun.

5. Volleying

6. Striking with a Paddle or a Racket (Sat. 5/15/10):

I hit the ball over the fence with my friend Mikala. It was hard but fun.

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