Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wave the Flag Try-It

1. Flag Facts:

2. Show it Off (5/29/10):

I made a poster for Memorial Day and another project about the American flag.

3. Celebrate (5/29/10):

Today we went to the ceremony in our town. They raised the flag to half staff. After that, they said some prayers and speeches. The speeches were about why we were really here celebrating Memorial Day. The reason is to honor the soldiers who served in the wars from long ago and today. After that they placed wreaths. Individual people or groups came up and placed the wreaths on racks and flowers on the pretend grave. Then they did a gun salute and the trumpet players played Taps.

Then we went to see the parade. In the parade they had everything, from the Shriners to the local string band to what I like to call the "humorless" clowns.

On Memorial Day, I marched with the troop in another town parade. It was about one mile (roughly), although it seemed like forever because it was going slowly. We had candy that we threw out to the crowd.

4. Check It Out (5/25/10):

We went to our community garden and park and saw plaques from WWI, WWII, and the Vietnam War. There was also a flagpole with the American Flag and a POW-MIA flag. There were some flowers in red, white, and blue. In the other park we saw a plaque for a person who served in the Army and helped rescue prisoners of the Vietnam War.

5. Through the Years:

6. Do Good (6/3/10):

I am collecting items for the Marines and will donate the items at a Flag Day program. I hope the Marines will like them.

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