Saturday, May 22, 2010

Outdoor Adventurer try-It

***All requirements for this Try-It were satisfied at the GSNNJ program "Get Ready to Camp" on Sat. 5/22/10***

1. Dress for the Weather Relay (Sat. 5/22/10):
We had a relay race with backpacks and things we would take camping like water bottles and sit-upons.

2. Sleep Out!

3. Day Hike (Sat. 5/22/10):

We took a hike and observed things in nature. We saw some things that matched our color crayon, and other interesting colors that occur in nature.

4. Build a Shelter (Sat. 5/22/10):

We built a shelter out of sticks and a rain poncho. It was my favorite activity!

5. Touch, Smell, Listen (Sat. 5/22/10):

We got a safari sheet with different activities we could experience with our senses. Some of the things were to feel something pointy, hear birds singing, smell something like pine or a flower, or hear an aminal running. It was fun.

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